5 Golden Rules for Great Skin

Yearning for that coveted radiant glow? Esthetician Kristyl DeFreitas shares her 5 golden rules for achieving the luminous skin we’re all after. Discover the expert-backed secrets that will transform and elevate your skin to new heights.

Skincare fundamentals 

Great skin begins with mastering the skincare fundamentals – cleansing, repairing, protecting. Proper cleansing is not just to remove makeup, but also to remove SPF and pollutants that can degrade the skin. Opt for a gentle, non-stripping cleanser and beware of extremes — Kristyl warns, “high temperatures can disrupt the skin's delicate balance, so cleanse with lukewarm water, never hot.” 

Kristyl stresses that a healthy, well-functioning skin barrier is a must for great skin, “damaged barriers compromise the skin's protective function, making it prone to dehydration and dullness. To repair and protect the skin barrier, focus on strengthening and healing ingredients”. Water hydrates, oils nourish. Regardless of skin type, prioritize hydration — through hyaluronic acid based masks, serums, or creams — to achieve a plump, glowing complexion. Oils — used day and night, depending on skin type — strengthen the skin’s outer layer, maintain balance and control oil production.

Skin needs protection from the elements – heat, humidity, harsh winds, and, of course, overexposure to the sun. Sunscreen is non-negotiable, a barrier against UV rays and pollution, with advanced formulations offering additional benefits like coverage. 

Tailor to your needs

Customize a routine that caters to your skin and objectives. What works for others might not work for you — age, lifestyle, climate, and stress all influence your skin's needs. “Before diving into a routine, consult with an aesthetician or dermatologist to pinpoint your concerns” recommends Kristyl. “I often come across women who blindly follow TikTok trends or rely on recommendations from friends without considering products and treatments tailored to them. This approach may not align with their skin's specific needs, leaving them disheartened when results fall short and in severe cases, serious skin issues.” 

Be gentle with actives 

Rethink the adage that beauty equals pain. It's a common misconception that effective treatments must be harsh. Quite the opposite. The key to radiant skin requires a balanced and thoughtful routine. Avoid harsh treatments and opt for a nurturing approach that prioritizes hydration and care over stripping and excess. As Kristyl emphasizes, “be kind to your skin, and do so consistently.”

Extreme temperatures can lead to dehydration

For those living in the tropics, or jetting off for a sun-soaked getaway, the harsh conditions prevalent in these climates can disrupt the delicate balance of skin. The scorching heat speeds up evaporation, robbing your skin of its moisture and leaving it parched and dehydrated. Simultaneously, the relentless sun and high humidity levels can trigger excess oil production, leading to clogged pores and potential breakouts. Kristyl recommends a skincare routine tailored for the environment. Think hydrating, but weighless, “focus on oil-free moisturizers. And be diligent about sun protection. Any and everything to shield the skin from the tropics' relentless elements.”

Add Vitamin C to routine 

Known as one of the superheroes of skincare, vitamin C has proven benefits: brightens skin tone, stimulates collagen production, protective antioxidant. It might be quicker to list what it doesn’t do. Kristyl says, “it’s a must in my arsenal and one of my favourite ingredients”. The catch? Choosing the right type. L-ascorbic acid, the pure, natural form of vitamin C, is the most researched. But it is notoriously unstable. This is the one product where packaging actually matters. “Go for airless pumps, tinted bottles, sealed ampoules, or single-use ‘shots’ to safeguard its potency”. When it comes to concentration, the higher, the more potent the effects. But Kristyl recommends, “start low and go slow to avoid sensitivity.”

Achieving great skin shouldn’t feel like an overwhelming pursuit. Take the time to listen to your skin, embracing a gentle approach. And, when needed, consult with a licensed skincare expert for guidance.

These, coupled with Kristyl’s golden rules, will undoubtedly transform your skin for good, leaving you with the plump, glowing, visibly nourished you've been yearning for.

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